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2021 Memberships Announcement
February 24, 2021

Announcement regarding memberships:

The memberships that covered October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020 are now invalid.  There were tournaments held from October to mid March and even though we were not able to hold the 2020 Nationals the top players on the NDFC Ranking List were presented with their cheques.
The membership cards for the 2020-2021 season were distributed to all Membership Directors back in August and September with Newfoundland Labrador cards being mailed out as of March 30th.
All memberships that have been paid for 2020-2021 will keep their cards going into the next season of 2021-2022 and will not need to pay again.  At this time there are 964 validated
“IF” there are no National Championships held this year, we will continue to use the 2020-2021 membership cards going forward into the new season of 2021-2022.  Therefore, I would ask all Membership Directors to hold on to their printed and blank cards until further notice.
As “online tournaments” are popular, at this time, our General Secretary is preparing to have a few tournaments beginning in March and going through until September.  All players who wish to participate in these “online tournaments” will be asked to purchase their NDFC Membership cards.  All memberships will be verified prior to the tournaments.  The following dates must be respected.
There are 964 players (including some youth) who are already members and are eligible to participate in the online tournaments. 
Membership deadline of MARCH 15TH to be eligible to participate in online tournaments in April, May and June.
Membership deadline of JUNE 15TH to be eligible to participate in online tournaments in July, August and September.
Next season’s deadline dates remain as is and hopefully we will be back to playing in person.
There is one thing to remember.  If we are able to hold the Nationals later on this year, every player participating in zone shoots, regional shoots, provincial or territorial playdowns MUST be a member.

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